Latest News: Pupils arriving at school for 8:45am each day can really Make A Difference. During this M.A.D time pupils are guided in self reviewing their work from the day before or completing a variety of activities which may be the foundation for activities undertaken later on in the day. We would be very grateful if pupils could arrive in class at 8:45am to allow them to make the most of this time.



Geography at Great Moor is led by Mrs Bland.

Children learn to use geographical skills to find out about different places, physical and human features in the environment, changing environments and the ways people and the environment affect each other.  They do this through their study of places and themes including:

  • The local area of Great Moor and its environment.
  • Rivers and Mountains
  • Weather and the Water Cycle
  • A region in Europe and North or South America
  • The village of Flash in North Staffordshire.

Children use maps, atlases and plans to study places at different scales – local, regional and national.  They learn where important places and environments are in the world (for example cities, rivers, and mountain ranges in the UK and Europe), looking at some of these places in detail.  Pupils carry out fieldwork investigations such as a survey of a small stream, and different types of buildings.

Online Safety

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