Geography at Great Moor Juniors is led by Miss Higson.

Children learn to use geographical skills to find out about different places, physical and human features in the environment, changing environments and the ways people and the environment affect each other. They do this through their study of places and themes including the following:


Is the United Kingdom the same all over? (Includes coasts)

Has the landscape and land use of the United Kingdom has changed over time?

Is Europe the same all over? (Includes mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes)

Why are water and rivers so important?

Where do all of our things come from?

How is North America similar and different to the North West of England?

What was life like in the Amazon and why is South America so diverse?

Are we damaging our world?


Children use maps, atlases and plans to study places at different scales – local, regional and national.  They learn where important places and environments are in the world (for example, cities, rivers, and mountain ranges in the UK and Europe), looking at some of these places in detail.  Pupils carry out fieldwork investigations such as a surveys on housing and the economy in our local area.

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