English at Great Moor is led by Mrs Ijima and Mrs Sinclair.

Our English Curriculum is based on the National Curriculum.

Speaking and Listening: Children will speak to different audiences and learn to use language for effect.  They are taught to listen carefully, picking out the main points of what people say and ask questions or make comments.  Work in drama helps children to develop skills and they learn about how language changes in different situations, and how language is used differently in speech and writing.

Reading: Children read a broad range of materials and are taught to use their knowledge of words and texts to understand the meaning.  Children’s reading skills are developed through a range of reading activities within English and other subjects, through regular guided reading sessions in small groups and an individual reading programme.  We use a range of reading materials and schemes, with the Oxford Reading Tree as a core.  All pupils keep a Reading Record booklet which contains a record of what they’ve read.

Writing: Pupils are taught to write in a range of ways to explore feelings, to explain, persuade, review and comment.  They are taught to plan and draft their work and write for a range of different audiences and purposes. There is a clear focus on developing children’s knowledge and effective use of spelling, punctuation and grammar.  We are always looking for ways to help pupils improve and develop the quality of their writing and make very good cross-curricular opportunities.

Children learn to write legibly in joined up and printed styles and are taught to present their work well.

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