Race 5: 

Race 5 was brilliant! We had 20 superb runners across the four races and they should all be very
proud of themselves. We were so impressed with the resilience and determination shown by all of
the children.

Click the link to see the results

The last race is Saturday 18th February. It is completely free to take part. We are always after new
runners and children do not need to have taken part in any of the previous races to have a go at the
last event. Mr Garnett and Miss Seeds will be there.

Children who race in at least 5 out of the 6 races will receive and endeavour medal after the season.

Race 4: 

We had 24 runners across the 4 races with 15 personal best times which is amazing! We had a top 10 finisher in the Year 3/4 girls race. 

Well done to everyone who took part. There are 2 more races left. 

Here is the link the the results: 

Race 3: 

We had 23 runners across the 4 races. 14 children managed to get personals bests! I was very pleased with the way the children cheered and supported each other. 

Race results: 


Race 2: 

An amazing event. Over 400 children took part from schools across Stockport. GMJS children represented our school so well and we were all very proud. We hope to see even more of you there at the next race. 

Race results:

Race 1:

Here is the link to the results page: 


Upcoming races: 

Saturday 21st January

Saturday 18th February

Mr Garnett and Miss Seeds will be at races.


We also have hoodies which are available to purchase for
our cross-country runners. Please use the link to have a look at sizes.





General information:

Running is great fun as well as good for your health and our school is full of fantastic runners.  Last year a many of our pupils entered the Stockport Schools Cross Country events and did very well.  Races are held at Woodbank Park on Saturday mornings (dates and times below) and there are 2 races for boys and 2 for girls depending on age.  We would like to enter Great Moor Juniors into the Schools Cross Country running competition which is organised by Stockport Harriers.  The route is clearly marked. Previously there have been around 80 runners in each category from all different schools.   We are looking for runners in all categories. 

If your child may be interested, please email Mr Garnett for any further details.

School will pay for the team so there is no individual charge and children are awarded certificates. 

The first 10 chilldren in each race will get a Certificate of Achievement on the day.

At the end of the season, all children who race in 5 or 6 races will recieve Endeavour Medals. The top 3 children and teams recieve an award. The top 10 children overall will recieve a certificate. 

The cross country events are great fun and we want to put a big emphasis on co-operation and teamwork. There is a parent WhatsApp group that you are welcome to join. Just ask at any of the events.

If your child would like to take part in any of the races, it would be great if you could email Mr Garnett beforehand so he can have a list ready for the day so staff can look out for them.

The events start and finish at the Woodbank Park Athletics Stadium. The best Post Code for car park access SK1 4BN. It does get busy on the day.


Race Time

Approximate distance

Yr 3-4 Girls



Yr 3-4 Boys



Yr 5-6 Girls



Yr 5-6 Boys





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Online Safety

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