End of Day Procedures

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Policy and Procedures for the End of School Day


  • School finishes at 3.15 each day. A bell sounds to inform teachers of the time and teachers dismiss their class.
  • Children collect their belongings from the cloakrooms and make their own way out.
  • Children should use the door closest to their cloakroom.
  • Teachers go outside with the children.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring their children know their own arrangements for the end of the day.

These commonly include:

  • Meeting a parent (or childminder) in an area of the playground.
  • Meeting a parent in the Infant School playground (particularly if a child has a sibling who is a pupil at Great Moor Infants).
  • Walking home by themselves or with a friend.
  • Some parents arrange to meet children at a point ‘on the way home’.
  • Children attending a school organised club will follow a range of procedures depending on the club. They usually include getting changed, collecting belongings and making their own way to the area where the club takes place. Children attending an off-site school organised club (e.g. tennis) meet the designated member of staff at an agreed place.

On-site clubs finish at 4.15. Parents of children attending outdoor clubs e.g. football should collect/meet their children by the field. Children in other clubs will leave by their usual door.

  • Children attending Fun Club make their own way directly to Fun Club (canteen building) where the appropriate register is taken by Fun Club staff.
  • Children are reminded of procedures regularly by school.
  • All children are aware of what to do should they forget their arrangements or a parent not be there to meet them as arranged.


  • Inform the teachers outside


  • Report into the school office for help.

      In these instances school staff re-assure children, check arrangements      

      and phone parents for clarification.

  • Children walking home on their own who may encounter a problem such as no-one in or losing a key know they can come back to school or phone for assistance. There is always some-one in our school office until 4.30 each day.


Online Safety

Below are links to useful websites for keeping children safe on the internet: