Computing at Great Moor is led by Mr Breckwoldt and Mr Gill.

A.I., the World Wide Web, the Internet, the Internet of Things, tablets, computers, mobiles, even washing machines are all examples that we are now living through the digital revolution. Our aim in Computing is to ensure our pupils are ready for all the changes that the digital revolution is bringing about.  

The Computing curriculum at Great Moor Junior School aims to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding of the digital world they live in and to be resposibly and safely, ready to face the changes that it will bring about in the future. We do this through four strands in Computing: 

In Computer Science  pupils are taught to understand the underlying principles of the digital world of algorithms, design and programming through computational thinking. They will learn how to use these skills to create and design programs themselves.  

In Digital literacy pupils create online and off line content through learning a variety of apps, both well-known and cutting edge, including the use and presentation of data, till they can select and choose their own. 

In Understanding technology (Communication and Networks) pupils learn how the digital world is organised; how the physical world interacts with the digital world; the variety of services provided off and on line; become effective users of search engines; and know how networks operate.

In E-safety pupils learn how to be responsible and respectful users of technology and when communicating through technology. They will know who to turn to for help when they come across anything that worried them and they will know ways to protect themselves and be safe when online.

For those who want to push their interest further we have after school clubs.

We always aim to be giving pupils the opportunity to learn from the best that is known. So, this year we aim to make links with Queen Mary’s College London to look at design and the most effective way to teach design in Computing.

By the end of Year 6 all pupils will know that Computer Science is an exciting, stimulating and challenging subject. They will have acquired the knowledge, skills and understanding to navigate safely, responsibly and creatively, with confidence the ever-changing digital world. They will be secure and ready to face the challenges of Year 7 and beyond.



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