Our Gallery

3A Sandwiches, by Miss Appleby

Planetarium Visit Year 5, by Mrs Ijima

Snow Pictures, by Miss Seeds

Year 6 - Stitching, by Miss Gregory

Y5 Christmas cards, by Mrs pollock

Christmas Carol Concert, by Mr Garnett

Year 3 Christmas Dinner, by Mr Brading

5I and 3G Memory Lane!, by Mrs Ijima

Christmas Dinner 2022, by Mr Breckwoldt

5G Christmas Poems, by Miss Gibson

3B and 5G buddy up!, by Miss Gibson

Year 6 Party, by Mr Turner

4B and 6T buddying up, by Mr Breckwoldt

Year 5 Christmas Party Day, by Miss Gibson

3B Party, by Mr Brading

4HJ Christmas, by Miss Higson

Year 4 Party, by Miss MacIntyre

4M and 6TY Buddy Class, by Miss MacIntyre

Year 3 Party, by Mr Garnett

Year 5 Christmas Boxes, by Miss Seeds

4HJ Christmas Boxes, by Miss James

Christmas Fair 2022, by Miss Seeds

3B Christmas Boxes, by Miss Doogan

4M Nightlights and Pop Art, by Miss MacIntyre

4HJ Night lights, by Miss James

Online Safety

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