Our Gallery

Year 4 Science - Digestion, by Miss MacIntyre

Table Tennis Club, by Mr Garnett

3G and 5I Buddying, by Mr Garnett

4SM and 6TY Buddying, by Miss MacIntyre

3A and 5LJ Music Buddying, by Miss Appleby

5G Jubilee Day, by Miss Gibson

Jubilee Day, by Miss James

Jubilee Celebration, by Mr Garnett

Year 4 Jubilee Celebrations, by Miss MacIntyre

Year 6 Sports Day, by Mr Turner

3A Making 3D Shapes, by Miss Appleby

Year 5 Sports Day, by Mrs Ijima

Year 4 Sports Day, by Miss Moulsher

Year 3 Sports Day, by Mr Garnett

Year 4 trip to Crowden Brook, by Miss MacIntyre

3A- Angles, by Miss Appleby

Year 4 trip to Colomendy, by Miss Doogan

Basketball playoffs, by Mr Garnett

6G Spirted Arts Moodboards, by Miss Gregory

5G's Cam Toys, by Miss Gibson

Mini Marathon 3A, by Miss Appleby

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