School will be closed for most pupils until further notice. Fun Club will also be closed.

Our Gallery

Christmas boxes, by Mr Gill

Year 4 African drumming, by Mr Breckwoldt

Year 3 African Dancing, by Mr Garnett

Year 3 African Dancing, by Miss Moulsher

Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Day, by Miss Higson

4B Greek Project homework, by Mr Breckwoldt

4MB Greek Day, by Mrs MacManus

Year 4 4B Greek Day, by Mr Breckwoldt

Home Sports Day 2020, by Mr Gill

Home Learning gallery, by Mr Gill

Making Moving Toys, by Miss Moulsher

5G DT Chopping Carrots, by Miss Gregory

5G Measuring Perimeter, by Miss Gregory

5G World Book Day, by Miss Gregory

Year 4 World Book Day 2020, by Mr Humphreys

World Book Day, by Miss Seeds

3B World Book day 2020, by Mr Breckwoldt

Online Safety

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