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Year 5

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We wish you a very safe and happy Summer.


Home Learning Activities Summer 2 – Year 5


Purple – English                Green – Science         Blue – PE/Games                       Pink – Geography

Red – Maths                       Orange – History         Yellow – PSHE                            Grey – Computing

Bright Orange – RE           Bright Green – French                                                     White  – PE/Games



Play TTRS Studio Mode

15 minutes.

Improve your typing with these online games

Continue to exercise with Joe Wicks: (am each week day on YouTube

Find out more about Food Chains by playing this game.

Find a flower to dissect and see what parts you can see.

Did you know Mo Farah was a refugee? Find out more about him. Can you find out about any other famous refugees?

Watch this video and compare your experience of school to Maliyamungu’s. 

R.E.S.C.U.E  a new word everyday!

Defend Mathematica by using your Maths skills in this game.

Play Crystal Explorers to practise your Grammar and Spelling.

Listen to David Walliams talking about Slime then have a go at making some (with your parent’s permission!)

Watch a film about a visit to a Catholic Church.

Notice the beautiful, colourful glass windows. 

Try creating or designing your own stained glass window

Improve a story challenge in this game.

Draw a diagram of a dissected flower to record your findings.

Compete in  tournaments on TTRS

15 minutes.


Learn more about habitats playing Earth Squad Go!

Practise your Year 5/6 words here.

Create a ppt or video showing a life cycle of a living thing.

Make an exciting Comic book story here.

Choose an animal and find out about its life cycle.

Read for 30 minutes every day.

Look at pictures of your family and compare their baby pictures to now – how have they changed?

Reflect on your year in Year 5 and what your favourite memories are.

Read a book online for free with


Conduct an experiment to find out the best place for a plant to grow.

Create a dance or sequence of movements to represent the life cycle of a living thing.

Create a bar chart to show your family’s favourite animals or plants.

Music can help us to express our feelings. Choose a piece of music you like, explain how it makes you feel. Discuss with your family how they feel about that piece of music.

Grow a plant/seed-keep a diary of its growth.

Revise your French vocabulary by playing the following games

Be a natural scientist and see what nature you can observe in your garden.

Create your own French Bistro. Consider what Food and Drink you want to sell and the price you are going to sell them for. Have a go at ordering in French. Make sure you have the correct money and can give the correct amount of change!

Create your own spelling challenge. Get somebody to test you!

This is your final term in Year 5, share how you feel about moving up to Year 6 with your family. Do you like change?

What are you most looking forward to in Year 6?

What are you least looking forward to in Year 6?

Create a game to explain the formal written method for multiplication to the current Year 4s.

How would you welcome someone new to your class from another country? Watch Raimunda’s story and jot down your ideas.

Use the following website to read The Ickabog. Illustrate what you think the Ickabog looks like.

Create a ‘Guide to Year 5’ that we can give to current Year 4’s to help them when they start next year.

Practise your X table on Seneca Learning

Create a rap to explain the bus stop method.

Find out about schools in France. Listen to Clipp 33 from Radio Labo.

Listen carefully. Can you answer the questions in the odd one out game ?


Additional Websites and Activities

Independent Booklets (Optional)

Some families have asked for more work that can be completed independently so a booklet for Maths and English is also available in the files at the bottom or in the homework tasks.

Summer Reading Challenge: please follow this link https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/


About Year 5

Mrs Ijima, Miss Gregory, Miss Lofthouse and Mrs Wheeler enjoy the support of Miss Campbell, Mr Canon, Mr Humphreys, Mrs Holmes and Mrs O’Neill in Year 5.

Year 5 has some very interesting topics like the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings or Earth and Space so it’s fun to teach. We enjoy some great trips, for example Tatton Park and the Museum of Science and Industry. We also have some wonderful school visitors, like the mobile Planetarium.


Click on the links below to see your class timetable. You’ll need to check when your Games and PE lessons etc. are scheduled so you can bring the right equipment and kit on the right day.



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In addition to the set homework, pupils should also be reading every evening and regularly practising times tables (using TT Rockstars). 

 Please click on the link in the files to download this week's homework

Year 5 Always Objectives

We have a set of objectives that we expect children to follow throughout the year. To view, please click on the link below.


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