Latest News: Safer Internet: We always promote safe use of the Internet and the setting of digital ground rules. Google Family Link is a free app for home that helps you set these ground rules and guide children as they learn, play and explore online. In the Google Play or Apple App store search "Google family link" to install.

Our Gallery

Macclesfield Museum, by Miss Morris

World War 2 Week, by Mr Ellis

Maya Day in Year 5, by Mrs Turner

Soup-making in 5GT, by Mrs Turner

Science Selfie! , by Miss Raper

World Book Day Costumes, by Mrs Turner

World Book Day 3M, by Miss Morris

Tatton Park, by Miss Morris

6T's hats., by Mr Turner

Chinese New Year, by Miss Morris

Mocktail Making, by Miss Morris

Planetarium Visit, by Miss Gibson

3R Pizza Express, by Miss Raper

Pizza Express, by Miss Morris

'The Highwayman' videos, by Mrs Turner

Online Safety

Below are links to useful websites for keeping children safe on the internet: