Year 4's Roman Day

Lesson: History

Class: Year 4 Year: 2021 - 2022

In Year 4, we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Romans. We spent the whole day learning about how the Romans impacted Britain and what inventions they brought over with them. Including lots that we still use today!

We started the day with a treasure hunt. Each piece of paper had information of what the Romans had brought over with them when they invaded Britain. We successfully found all 23! Then, we looked at roads, aqueducts and arches - discussing why they have made a significant impact on Britain today. We enjoyed using iPads for map work, completing kahoot quizzes and even constructing our own arches to support different objects. We also sang some songs about Roman Numerals and the infamous Boudica.

In 4SM, we acted as Celtic rulers and debated whether we should implement the new Roman laws which included paying extra taxes and different punishments for different classes in society.

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