Year 4 Trips

Date: 18th May 2018 @ 2:08pm

Year 4 have had a fantastic half term! We have been on trips to the Whitworth Art Gallery, Macclesfield Forest and Kingswood. (See gallery for pictures)


Whitworth Art Gallery

We visited the Whitworth where we made our own screen prints inspired by South East Asian patterns around the gallery. We also looked at textiles and the natural world which inspired our sewing activity.


Macclesfield Forest

We visited Macclesfield Forrest where we found the source of the River Bollington and followed it down stream to discover how the river changed. We carried out experiments such as how deep the river was at different parts and how fast the river flowed. It was great to explore the forest and find new things – we even found some wild deer prints!


Kingswood Colomendy

We had an amazing weekend in North Wales for our Year 4 residential trip!

Before we arrived we stopped off at The Crocky Trail which is an adventure trail with lots of exciting slides and swings. Some of the children – and Mr. Berry - braved ‘The Flusher’ which is a very big slide where the floor is removed from under your feet!


There was no time to be tired after The Crocky Trail as we all hopped back on the coach to go to Kingwood. As soon as we got there we made our beds and began our first activity. We all had a chance to do lots of activities throughout the weekend; the favourites were zip wiring through the forest, a giant swing high up in the trees, caving and raft building (or getting wet if your raft wasn’t built properly). We also had a big campfire where we all told jokes, played games and ate tasty toasted marshmallows!


Online Safety

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