Bleep test results

Date: 17th Mar 2017 @ 10:11am


We will soon start the Bleep Tests again (also known as the Beep test). This is a timed shuttle run over 20 metres that we do once each half-term (weather permitting). When the children start high school they may complete the Bleep test at regular intervals to help asses their fitness. The data is then used in high school to help determine which P.E. set a child is in.

We decided that we would like to help the children prepair for this by improving their running technique and endurance.    

Each time the Bleep test is completed we record the childrens results and let the individual children know what they achieved.  Our aim is for the children to try to improve on their own last score.

The children generally greatly enjoy the challange and every child we have has, since we started this school year, increased their Bleep test result and the average score in each year group is well ahead of the national average for their ages.  Fantastic everyone! 

Mr Gill


Below are the highest score in each year group for 2017:

YEAR 3 = 9.7

YEAR 4 = 11.6

YEAR 5 = 11.9

YEAR 6 = 10.4 

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