Mrs Gibbs's Guide to Beautiful Hair (class example only)

Date: 22nd Apr 2018 @ 11:54pm

Hi - I'm glad you've found my blog!
I LOVE it when I spot a different hairstyle on somebody, but I always have to resist the urge to ask them how they achieved the look! However, I've since found it much easier (and less embarassing) to watch tutorials so that I can learn how to pull off that perfect hair-doo all by myself.
Want to find some amazing new hair-doos to rejuvenate your locks? Well, take a look below to follow me throughout this month. I'm going to post a blog and link each week for you to try one out for yourself.
Join me as I set myself a challenge to wear a different hairstyle each week, and don't forget to add your own comments to join the big discussion on the "best hair!"

Week 1:

Dutch braid and low bun posted by Missy Sue.

This looks absolutely amazing though I wonder if her arms got tired after a while... 

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