3B Home learning

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 12:57pm


It's Wednesday 25th March and hope you are all well, managing to do some work and enjoying the sunshine. I know some people are working hard as they have uploaded home work and sent me pictures of themselve working e.g, on Hit the Button or of their work showing life from the Stone Age to Bronze age.

Anyone in class can comment but make sure it is in sentences.

I will comment too and reply to comments if needed but not always immediately.. 

I may also add and amend the blog through the week.  I said I would show you how soils is made.

It starts  as this. Grass, leaves, moss and twigs

After twelve months, in the right conditions (warm and wet with lots of worms and insects in it) it turns to this.





How are your broad beans doing? Please send in some pictures. 

Here's a picture of the cakes Harry has made. They look delicious. Cakes


That's all for now.

Mr Breckwoldt




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