We have a fully equipped ICT Suite which is used for teaching computing skills as well as other subjects.  Children are taught to design , write and debug programs, to use sequence, selection and repetition and work with variables. They are taught to use logical reasoning to understand and explain how algorithms work. Children  are taught to  understand and use computer networks including the internet to develop their research and communication skills. They learn that information needs to be accurate and relevant and are taught how to check the quality of information, learning how to filter good information from bad, and how to present information in a way that suits the needs of their audience.  Children also explore and compare the different ways ICT is used in and out of school.  We make good use of ICT, especially our iPads and interactive whiteboards, to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum.

E-safety Policy


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Online Safety

Below are links to useful websites for keeping children safe on the internet: