Sport Stars winners 31st March 2017

Date: 31st Mar 2017 @ 9:48am

The winners of our Sports Stars award for the end of spring term is once again 5TG.

Sport Stars are awarded at the end of each games lesson. They are awarded to a class who, as a whole class, have worked hard, listened well and most importantly helped one another improve and been "good sports" with a positive attitude allowing them to encourage their class mates and help their team play better together.

A maximum of 5 Sport Stars per lesson can be earned and once a class collect over 100 the class is allowed to choose the sport they do in the next games lesson.

In addition to this the class with the most Sport Stars at the end of each half-term win a trophy for their class to keep for the following half-term and an ice-cream voucher each!

We are always impressed by how well each class do and all classes have worked incredibly hard in games lessons. 5TG have lifted theirselves even higher with incredible team work. Without fail they are, as a class, one big team who help and encourage one another and do not "grumble crumble".

Well done 5TG!  


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