Lucy's Taekwondo achievement!

Date: 8th Nov 2017 @ 11:22am

Lucy writes:

'The day of the Black belt grading arrived quickly for me. When we got  there, we were a few minutes early, so I went through my forms (which were called Taguk 8, also known as Taguk Pal Jang and Konyo). When everyone arrived, we got started with the warm up. When the warm up was over, Master Platt and Mrs Platt (our instructors/ judes) asked us to get into two lines (I was in row number 1) and we were asked to practise hand techniques in the hall. Then we were asked to perform kicking techniques and some self defence. After the self defence was finished, we did some sparing (which i dont like very much). I think the sparing went pretty well. After the sparing, everyone had to try and break a wooden board. I broke board number one with a back kick and I broke board number two with a punch. We also did the fitness test where I had to do 50 press ups, 50 sit ups and 50 squat jumps. We finally did the forms which was the most nerve-wracking of all because if you got it wrong, the instructors made you go back. I think I did pretty well. Finally, we did the cool down which was relaxing but very nerve-wracking because Master Platt and Mrs Platt were deciding the results. Suddenly, Master Platt and Mrs Platt opened the door and walked out with a lot of big certificates. Master Platt called out "Also passing today is....LUCY!" I felt so happy becuase it is what I've been woring towards for 5 and a half years, so it is a very big achievement for me! '


Congratulations Lucy, you worked very hard to achieve your black belt. 5G are very proud of you.

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