5G Assemblies

Date: 11th Oct 2017 @ 1:22pm

Every week, we have a class assembly where someone shares a part of their life or something that is important to them with the class. So far, we have had:

  • Liam sharing a photo of him as a baby in his first ever baby grow...and the actual baby grow (from nearly 10 years ago!)
  • Euan sharing facts and information about his Grandad's role in the Navy
  • Phobe on her passion for dancing, including some fantastic videos of her dancing the Rumba and the Cha Cha!
  • Rebecca performed some beautiful songs with her violin - an incredible talent! 
  • Emma shared her 'addiction' for Ariana Grande!
  • Woody brought his dog Elsie into the classroom!
  • Isobel shared her passion for dancing - and brought along some of her rosettes! 
  • Leo payed respect to his late grandmother 
  • Abbie shared her experiences from when she visited America
  • Grace shared all cricket related!
  • Kodi shared her hobby of horse riding with 5G - we even got to pass around a real horse shoe!
  • Lucy showing off her Teakwondo skills!
  • Evie introduced us to her pet dog with lots of information and pictures :) 
  • Alex sharing all about her dog!
  • Eloise showing us videos of her pets with a background into adopting kittens
  • Joseph shared his hobby of Thai Boxing and showed us some moves, trophies are to come!
  • Jessica asked her friend Carine to bring in one of her dogs, Max. We got to stroke him and saw him play with his ball!
  • Rebecca shared her module homework which was a movie fruit representing the solar system!
  • Luca shared his hobby for football and passion for Manchester City with lots of merchandise/footballers boots/ arm bands/ photo with players / mascot teddies!
  • Euan
  • Woody
  • Emma
  • Isobel
  • Alexis
  • Lucy
  • Evie and Jessica expressed their love for Little Mix! We saw videos of their concert experiences and were able to pass around lots of merchandise!
  • Leo, Archie and Alexis all shared their enjoyment of Lego. We saw some of their models they had worked on at home as well as lots of interesting facts.

Next week (Thursday 17th May) we have Phoebe presenting his class assembly


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