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Term Time Absence Requests


Schools are only allowed to authorise leave of absence from school if they are satisfied there are exceptional circumstances (holidays are not considered to be exceptional circumstances).It is therefore unlikely that permission for leave of absence in term time will be granted. Schools may also require evidence to be provided before agreeing to authorise any exceptional leave of absence.

Parents should be aware that if holidays or other leave of absence are taken during term time without permission they may be issued with Education Penalty Notices by the Local Authority. (These are fixed fines of £60 per parent per child by Stockport Council)

Parents are strongly requested to take holidays during the school holidays and we ask that you do not request leave of absence for holidays in term time as will almost certainly be unable to grant your request. 

f you wish to request Leave of Absence for any reason we would ask you to do so in writing by completing the Leave of Absence Request Form (which you can download below) at least four weeks before the start of the proposed leave.




Files to Download

Online Safety

Below are links to useful websites for keeping children safe on the internet:

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