Sports Premium


The PE and Sports Premium for 2017/18 is £15,219. As with previous years we use the sports grant towards the cost of a specialist TA, to support our specialist HLTA who teaches games lessons to all classes across the school. This enables two staff to be involved in teaching all games lessons.

All children benefit from:

Curriculum Games Lessons

  • High quality games lessons that cover major sports including football, netball, hockey, cricket, tennis, tag-rugby and athletics.
  • Good progression of skills throughout the school.
  • Consistency of approach and continuity of teaching.
  • Excellent use of time and resources.
  • All children take part in two games lessons a week.
  • Two staff are teaching lessons which enables games/matches to be closely monitored so there is a high transference of skills developed in the earlier part of the lesson.
  • Individual needs are well met.


  • A specialist swimming teacher leads swimming lessons which are provided for all the children.

Sports Participation

  • Mini-tournaments started in games lessons are extended to an intra-school competition in each of the games taught. All pupils are involved in these.
  • Children are involved in regular after school clubs in a range of sports: football, tennis, tag rugby, cricket, table tennis, karate, rock-ahoola, netball and dance.
  • Special events such as our ‘Mini-Marathon’ and ‘World Cup’ are organised and enjoyed by the vast majority of pupils. 300 boys and girls were all involved in our ‘World Cup’ playing officiated games during lunchtimes, as part of leagues within the competition.
  • We have established links with our local tennis club which provide opportunities for children to join a local club and develop their skills/interests further.
  • Healthy active lifestyles are taught and promoted.
  • Fair play and co-operation are important aspects of our games teaching and sports programme.
  • Children are involved in competitive sports.
  • A regular 'Wake Up and Shake Up Club' runs each week.
  • Children are involved in residential outdoor activities which are available to all year groups.


Amount received – £15,219

Contribution towards salary for extra Teaching Assistant to support games lessons – £11,500

Additional equipment – £2,399

Medals, etc for competitions – £320

Mini-Marathion Event  - £1,000


Impact on standards

The Sports grant continues to have a very positive impact for children:

- there is greater participation in intra-school competition and events

- increased participation in after school clubs in a range of sport

- more children are becoming involved with local sports clubs in a range of sports, notably tennis, football and athletics

 - increased levels of fitness amongst children (termly fitness tests are undertaken as part of games lessons)

- PE and sports are very popular with children - children enjoy their lessons, put in a lot of effort and enjoy the wide range of sports on offer

- Levels of co-operation between children, understanding of fair play and rules continue to improve.

- Overall standard of performance continues to develop because of the additional input into the teaching of games lessons.

- PE and Sport have a high profile across the school.

- There is a broad range of sports and activities offered to the children.

Online Safety

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