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Internet safety is an on-going priority for us and something we try to ensure our children understand.  Our ICT system at school is well protected by filtering software organised by the local authority.

e-safety policy January 2016

Key recommendations for parents are:-

  • Frequently check your computer’s Internet history to see the sites your children have visited, and monitor their email and instant messaging accounts to see who they communicate with.  Let your child know that you are doing this to ensure that trust is not broken.
  • Set rules about online communication, illegal downloading and cyber bullying.
  • They should know to never click a link in an email – this is a common way people get viruses or reveal private and valuable information to criminals.
  • Discuss risks and concerns about posting and sharing private information, videos, and photographs.
  • Watch for signs of obsessive or addictive online behaviours.
  • Keep computers in a common area in the house.
  • Foster open communication and encourage your children to tell you if anything online makes them feel uncomfortable.

For further information on internet safety or to report any inappropriate activity please go to the CEOP website.

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Online Safety

Below are links to useful websites for keeping children safe on the internet: